Welcome to New Global Normal

A community on a mission to unite a divided world.

Who We Are

New Global Normal is a youth-led movement that strives to unite a divided world. The movement was founded in response to the heightened localist rhetoric and lack of meaningful international cooperation amidst the coronavirus pandemic; faced with a global crisis that doesn’t respect the borders, nations, cultures, skin colours or wealth which we all to often divide ourselves, many have responded by building our walls even higher: intertwining xenophobia with rhetoric and retreating into the security of our own narrow worlds. We are a group of passionate students who understand that for us to truly tackle global crises now and in the future, there must be communication, understanding and empathy across cultural and political chasms. At New Global Normal, we are encouraging the world to take a step back and see the gravity of the collective moment we are in. Instead of returning to our ‘old normal’, our movement aims to start a conversation around using lessons learned from the pandemic to construct a ‘new global normal’.

The Community


The NGN Mighty Network is a community space developed for the #BuildBridgesNotWalls campaign to provide a platform for cross-cultural engagement between youth worldwide. We intend to build a global community of youth who are passionate about the need for cross-cultural communication, and fostering empathy and understanding across cultural, political and social divides to tackle global issues and thrive as an international community.

We are launching our community at the University of St Andrews, and plan to expand to additional universities in mid-2022.

Why Join Us?

  • Engage with a global community of like-minded youth striving to unite a divided world.
  • Connect with university students locally and abroad. 
  • Find a language partner in our four-week language exchange group. The program is topic-based, allowing participants to improve cultural competency skills alongside their target language. 
  • Become an integral part of New Global Normal's mission to promote intercultural communication in university campuses across Asia, Europe and the United States.


Learn More

Visit our website at: www.newglobalnormal.com.

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